April 30, 2021

PREMIERE: VVARD Releases New Single “Toast”

And musically, the single “Toast” lives up to that description. The production is dense and sugary. Synthesizers seems to be bursting out of every corner of this song, offering the perfect backdrop for VVARD to showcase her knack for writing insanely catchy melodies. There is not a moment of this song that will not be stuck in your head for days. VVARD also affects the song dynamically with ease by removing the drums or by slowing the tempo down altogether. Pop songs, at times, can suffer from repetition. But, VVARD really keeps the listener on their toes.  You’ll hear so many influences in this song, from the lush palettes of later Flaming Lips to Tegan & Sara’s new brand of synth pop. But, VVARD really manages to weave those influences into a song that sounds fresh and inspiring to a new generation of pop enthusiasts.    

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