March 29, 2021

SNAILMATE premiere new freaky video for synth punk rap experiment “Donuts in the Rain”

With a crazy and psychedelic video, pumped with freakout visual jive, ‘Donuts’ is peppered with yowls, swears, and guttural growls reminiscent of something more haunting and metallic, but juxtaposed against the backdrop of pumping rock drums and bumping synths it sounds so fresh and timeless. The best part of ‘Donuts’ is the vocoded break-down at the 2 minute mark, adding a new layer of depth that most off-kilter bands seem to miss, an electronic, hip sophistication that the kookier side of underground music rarely gets right. Snailmate can hang this track high as a benchmark, a banner for what makes them such a special act to keep an eye on, because finally we have a group who can have fun and be artful without pretension. “Donuts In The Rain” is a freaky breath of fresh air.

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