April 13, 2021

Sophie Coran Deftly Combines Jazz, Soul, and Dream Pop on “S P A C E”

Sophie has been making waves regionally with her ‘Noir & B’ sound for a minute now, but in the past year has been breaking out more nationally (with features in American Songwriter and PopMatters) and “S P A C E” shows exactly why. “S P A C E” draws a wide range of emotion from the listener, reflected through vast thematic elements of outer space and water. The tracks help illustrate how that exploration mirrors our most personal life experiences, and these moments encourage the listener to navigate through cyclical relationships and the push-and-pull of self-love. The tracks ebb and flow between genres, with nods to R&B, Soul and Jazz. Keeping with Coran’s signature blended style, they carry the narrative through a series of trials rooted in love, loss, and longing. 

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