July 23, 2021

The 25 Best EPs of 2021 (So Far) – Hey Ily (Lonely Ghost Records)

Recalling his motivation for forming Hey, ily!, Billings, Montana, musician Caleb Haynes has said that he set out “to make something that’s familiar yet super crazy and all over the place at the same time.” That describes his project’s breakout EP Internet Breath perfectly: The record is nostalgic and innovative in equal measure, drawing inspiration from videogames via chiptune and “Nintendocore” sounds, which it then sets alongside emo, synth-pop, shoegaze and hardcore punk. It sounds impossible on paper, but Hey, ily! pulls it off, cranking up the hooks and irresistible energy on tracks like “Don’t Talk About It (Your Weird Complex)” and “Projection Joins the Battle!” in particular. At six tracks and just 17 minutes, Internet Breath is an invigorating listen that will lock up even the shortest attention span

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