July 21, 2022

The Test Drive: Scattered Melodies – Culture (Side A) + Makin’ Love Is Easy Video + Q&A

Scattered Melodies is a soulful alt/reggae/funk/fusion band that originally started up as a rhythm section back in 2012. Over the years, the drum & bass duo has evolved into a full lineup with Killa Maus on vocals & keys, Haley Green on vocals & acoustic guitar, Kazton Boone on guitar, Phelan Parker (aka DeeJay P-Phunk) on saxophone, and Billy Sutherland on guitar. This now-7-piece collective of Arizona natives is full of grooves and earworms. They began their musical journey by featuring a different singer for each song, which is how they got their name. So far, the group has collaborated with Hayley Green, Laura Hamlin, Catfish Mustache, and Pride Through Strife. According to their mini-documentary, the band is “A Constant evolution of sound and collaborations”. They are exploring their funky, rocksteady voice through their two-part EP, Culture.

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