April 4, 2022

Track Premiere: Harlow’s Monkeys – “Gravity”

The San Francisco band describes the track as “a fingerpicking dance song that evolves into a rock band’s approximation of the EDM drop. It is a song about the feeling of being drawn to someone and being caught in their magnetism, and anxieties surrounding that. It’s based around a pulsing dance beat, and a bright infectious guitar riff. It was recorded at 11th avenue records, my apartment studio in San Francisco, and has undergone numerous changes. The seed of the song was a quaint folk number, but a friend suggested making the chorus bigger and more like a dubstep drop as a joke. Like most musical jokes, it made its way into the fundamental part of the track, giving the chorus gravitas and a motion that reflects the lyric of ‘losing control of this body.’”

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