March 19, 2021

Track Premieres: The Silent Mile/Sounds & Scenarios – ‘A Promise is Forever’ & ‘Kick the Clock Off the Wall’

Kicking off on The Silent Mile’s side, pummelling garage rock drums meld with anthemic guitar riffs and transcendent vocals to create an atmosphere of hope and excitement in a world where things are finally moving forward again for live music. If “Better Days” is the yin of unbridled energy, “A Promise Is Forever” is the yang of vibe and mood, with waves of post-punk guitar lapping over each other like waves on the ocean.

Sounds and Scenarios bring a slightly more metallic tinge to their guitar tones, similar to Neck Deep and Blink-182, but great their own unique, galloping stomp of a backbeat that keeps this split’s lively spirit chugging forward. On the whole, this is a fantastically well produced and performed punk and emo style EP, one that proves that pop-punk isn’t dead; it’s just waiting in the wings until it can be safely played live.

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