Release Announcement
March 3, 2021

Buckets Face Their Anxieties During Quarantine and Come Out Victorious On Debut LP

Filled to the brim with bright, infectious guitar riffs, multi-dimensional structures, and catchy hooks, Buckets is finally ready to unveil their self-titled debut record. Mostly self-recorded and produced, their debut has taken over a year in the making to complete, between several professional studios, apartment setups, and ultimately quarantined-style settings due to the pandemic, but it’s been a labor of love. The collection of 9 tracks provides a powerful exemplification of Buckets’ energetic and explosive sound. Tanner Houghton’s unvarnished and outspoken vocal style, paired with Sasha Massey’s hyper focused lead guitar playing allows the rhythm section (held down by Hiram Sevilla on drums and Mitch Rossiter on bass) to fully explore the dynamic extremes that encompass the band’s take on indie rock. The group’s emotional and intense performance leaves them in a league of their own, and is sure to catch the attention of any and all listeners.


The album’s subject matter is almost a meta commentary on how the album was made, and the world we’ve been living this past year, one of isolation and anxiety. As band leader Tanner Houghton puts it, “the record highlights my struggles with identity, betrayal, heart break, confronting generational trauma, and confronting myself about mistakes I’ve made and people I’ve hurt along the way. All wrapped up in a quarantined bedroom-recorded independently produced 9 song album that we created the bulk of long-distanced. We fought, we laughed, we cried, and together we finally got a tone that we hope evokes as much emotion as we put into it.” This cathartic energy comes through in the form of pure band chemistry, each song painting a much bigger picture of not only a band who can write humungous garage-pop hooks, but of one who can deliver them on record with as much conviction as they can live. Simply put, this is one of those rare bands that sounds as exciting on record as they do live.

The brand new Los Angeles-based indie quartet is made up of seasoned punk players from all across North America. Originally from San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora (Mexico), Seattle, Washington, and Toledo, Ohio, the group converged while in LA through a series of craigslist posts, house parties, and drunken backyard shows. With impassioned plans to tour both the U.S. and Mexico in 2020, Buckets had to put their road warrior intentions on hold and focus on completing their debut album due to COVID-19. Now, with a full length record ready for the world, and a hopeful end in sight to the ongoing pandemic, the band can finally set their sights on moving forward and taking their next steps, knowing they aren’t just another drop in the bucket. Don’t miss Buckets debut self-titled LP, out April 20th on Broom Closet Records.

For more information, contact: Dean Tartaglia | Little Star PR | | 419.460.0023