Release Announcement
May 10, 2021

Courier Club, Creators of Block By Block West Minecraft Festival, Return With Anthemic New Single “Foreign Ground”

Courier Club has had one of the most unique stories in all of indie rock during the pandemic era. Banding together in Philadelphia during the summer of 2018 Courier Club offers a high energy, fiercely anthemic post-punk sound, with cultural reference points reminiscent of aught rock greats and early 2000’s sports video game soundtracks. After gaining their initial following through a series of house parties and forging their sound over four single releases throughout 2018 and 2019, the band firmly established their staying power with their debut EP ‘Drive Like Your Kids Live Here’ in April of 2020. Unable to tour following the release, the band created ‘Block By Blockwest’ a Minecraft music festival which hosted over 40 artists, attracted tens of thousands of virtual fans, and gained them critical acclaim from not only the music press but from mainstream news and entertainment outlets. 

Courier Club’s newest single ‘Foreign Ground’ (due out 5/27) is the band’s best, most accessible effort to date, showcasing what makes their specific brand stadium sized, melodic indie rock ready to break out to a wider audience. Laying somewhere between a grittier ‘Love My Way’ by The Psychedelic Furs and The Killer’s ‘Hot Fuss’ while still remaining reminiscent of the band’s past post-punk anthems, ‘Foreign Ground’ combines pounding drums and sweeping synth backdrops with winding guitars and pulsing bass. Courier Club pull off no easy feat, equally showcasing their palpable live band energy while still providing masterful production, it’s clear to see why they are a band to watch.

‘Foreign Ground’ was written and recorded this past summer, dead smack in the middle of the pandemic. Not sure what the other side would look like or whether we would even still be able to make music together in the future, the song came together in a rush. The urgency of the moment helped us create something that was free from past inhibitions that would have plagued our creativity if the stakes were higher.” 

‘Foreign Ground’ is the first in a series of singles the band plans to release throughout the rest of 2021.

Block by Blockwest delivered on that aspiration, as the closest we’ve yet come to an authentic festival experience.” 


“Courier Club have built their reputation on alluring textures and pop sensibilities. Most bands have agendas about what they want to accomplish with their music. To their credit, Courier Club just want you to live your best moment in front of them.

Alternative Press

“Drive Like Your Kids Live Here sounds like a band putting out a resume of the full scope of their work.”