Release Announcement
October 14, 2021

Space Kiddette’s New Single ‘Dead To Me’ is a “Musical Amicable Divorce”

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Space Kiddettes describe themselves as “Space City’s favorite pop delinquents.” Their heavily-layered, high-energy tracks draw inspiration from absurdist new wave acts of the 80’s like Devo; this influence is obvious when seeing the Kiddettes’ manic on-stage presence and quirky (but always coordinated) costumes. Trent Lira plays synths and shares vocals with his creative co-pilot, Devin Will.

Their latest offering, “Dead to Me,” is both upbeat and melancholy. Shimmery synths, retro guitars, and a punchy chorus mark this danceable ode to scorn. With additional production by Jorge Elbrecht, Space Kiddettes deliver a familiar sound with a more polished surface.

“Dead to Me” is about a falling-out with someone you still care for, but who you have to cut out for your own sanity. A musical amicable divorce. This is our most collaborative track to date; we worked with three different people for recording, mixing/co-producing, and mastering (John Allen Stephens, Jorge Elbrecht, and Briana Wolf, respectively). Often we’ll release a song as soon as it’s written, but we took our time with the composition and the production of “Dead to Me.” We’ve invested more time and money in this track than anything we’ve released before, and we hope it shows in the final product.

Space Kiddettes also have a weekly podcast, Space Case, in which they discuss the mysteries plaguing their personal lives–conspiracies, cold cases, urban legends, and notable “wait, what?” moments throughout history. Along with artist and frequent collaborator Stoo, Space Kiddettes host queer talent showcases in venues around Houston. They’ve performed for Houston’s NPR member station, and appeared on season 16 of America’s Got Talent. Space Kiddettes are honored to have shared the stage with breakthrough acts like The Aquadolls, Dorian Electra, Slayyyter, Emergency Tiara, and Transviolet.