Release Announcement
September 14, 2021

The Bottom Dollars Return after two years with Instant Classic “Off Brand Lighter” and 10th Anniversary Show at Brooklyn Bowl

Propelled by the smoky, earnest vocals and absolutely fascinating songwriting of Brian “Cherch” Cherchiglia, The Bottom Dollars have grown into a true powerhouse of a project. During their formative years as Brooklyn’s go-to closers, this collective of accomplished multi-instrumentalists became synonymous with explosive live performance; eschewing machismo and bravado to deliver honest grit and unabashed dynamism.


The Bottom Dollars, Brooklyn press darlings throughout the 2010s, having been featured in NPR, Paste Magazine, Village Voice, The New Yorker, for their blazing, visceral, anthemic “Meet Me In The Bathroom” style NYC indie rock sound. Their comeback single “Off Brand Lighter” is a continuation of that sound and a reinvigoration for their diehard fan base, excited to see them hit the stage again for their first set post-lockdown at the Brooklyn Bowl (on September 26th). 

“Off Brand Lighter was born as a stream of consciousness. I was watching a friend of mine try to light a cigarette with the window down in a car, they were using this purple off-brand lighter that, well, couldn’t handle the task. Though innocuous, this simple intimate act showed a vast spectrum of emotions. I witnessed frustration, confusion, acquiescence — I shared in the satiation of the first inhale. In one brief, refined moment that wasn’t exactly supposed to mean anything nor include me, I saw too much and I felt the need to capture that and remember the non-linear nature of everything.” “Off Brand Lighter” was produced by Cherch & Chris Urriola and engineered by Jeff Berner at Studio G (Brooklyn, NY) and Cherch at Parts Unknown. It was mixed by Jeff Berner at Studio G (Brooklyn, NY)
and mastered by Matt Lange.

After a decade, The Dollars are still very much the bombastic, fearless act that reliably cemented itself one late-night set at a time. The Bottom Dollars are a band seasoned enough to meet any stage with sincerity, evocative enough to challenge your ideals, artful enough to interlace their compositions with enough $3 words to buy your drinks and humble enough to help you clean the floor once you’ve dropped yours. In 2020, they ended their hiatus with the release of their second LP, Marvelous, produced by Tim O’Sullivan (Childish Gambino, Anderson Paak, Rayland Baxter) and mastered at Capitol Studios.