Release Announcement
August 14, 2020

The Superweaks Release “Teenage Blob” Video Game EP



Underground legends The Superweaks have just released their newest feat, “Teenage Blob” a video game EP, the first of it’s kind as far as we’re aware. Thematically “Teenage Blob” perfectly scratches the itch of the pandemic: you’re an amorphous teen with limited funds who wants to get out, see a show, and let loose. Six distinct games for each of the six songs tie together your character’s journey of performing various jobs to get enough cash to get some stylish footwear and a ticket in hand. There are homages to classic games like Paperboy & Guitar Hero as well as dating sims and other niche genres, all with the hand-drawn aesthetics and wholesome charm that only Team Lazerbeam can bring. There’s many a laugh to be had, and the game is chock-full of Easter eggs about the Philadelphia & Cape Town scenes. For those who miss the live music experience, it culminates in an explosive rock show where you can safely crowd-surf from the comfort of your own home.

The music of “Teenage Blob” ranges from pondering loss and impermanence to finally saying “enough is enough” to the injustices of oppression, all with the arena emo backbone of The Superweaks’ thunderous guitars and soaring riffs. Recorded in 2017 it captures a zeitgeist that persists to this day: modern life is unstable and uncertain, but we will not be held back from having a good time. These songs were composed with the forward momentum to carry a video game and to keep a fist aloft and feet stomping in time. Physical copies of the record will be available in early September, as well as a limited edition hand made hot sauce, art zine, and T-shirt for those who spring for the deluxe bundle.

ABOUT THE BAND: Best buds Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo started The Superweaks as a side project where they wrote, recorded, and released a song every week with the assistance of a rotating cast of musicians from the Philadelphia scene. This precedent defines the band, as a multitude of cameos from some of Philly’s finest musicians became a staple of the band’s roster. After releasing their first EP “The World Is A Terrible Place & I Hate Myself And Want To Die” in 2014 they began performing live and touring the states. A rapid ascent began after the release of their album “Bad Year” in 2015 and they toured with the likes of Joyce Manor, Desaparecidos, Circa Survive, The Get Up Kids, and Modern Baseball. Tragedy struck just after the completion of recording their second LP “Better Heavens” with the passing of Evan’s younger brother and band bassist Corey Bernard in 2016. The band soldiered on for a time, touring Europe with Modern Baseball the following year as well as releasing their single “No Sorrow,” that was meant to put the pain of the prior year to bed. After a much needed break and taking time to heal The Superweaks are returning in force with “Teenage Blob,” their pioneering collaboration with South African video game developer Team Lazerbeam, available digitally this August 13th on Steam.


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