Release Announcement
April 14, 2021

The Voice’s James Pyle Releases First Original Single Since TV Debut

Former The Voice contestant James Pyle, who gained viral recognition for his cover of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ (garnering nearly 1.5 million views on youtube), is set to release his first original single since his TV debut late last year. ‘Fall For You’ (due out May 7th) showcases James’ sweet and smooth croon in full effect; a crushing and beautiful chorused out, chill guitar backdrop melds with modern R&B inspired pop-production to bring James’ heart and soul to the forefront. We get to meet James more intimately on ‘Fall For You’, with sultry and romantic lyrics, all dedicated to his love.


James Pyle grew up in Southern California, but instead of chasing the typical LA industry dream he laid more modest roots in central Ohio back in 2018. Although it is a much smaller music scene, James only has positivity for his new home, “There are a lot of talented people who are open to collaborating and audiences feel really accessible.” Taking his playing cues from John Mayer’s bluesy and rhythmic style, James mixes soul, pop, and R&B to create a sound always yearning for complete artistry and originality.

“For this solo project, the single Fall For You, I tip-toed into the lofi genre while playing with soul vocals and jazz inspired guitar parts. I am really into this Spotify playlist called Jazz Vibes which inspired me to diverge a bit into a more produced and dynamic sound-space while mixing in some of my typical choices to create a track that still felt like “mine”, but with an interesting twist. This is the first song where I really put myself into the mind of a producer. Typically, when I create I stick to what I know I’m good at – capturing a good sounding live drum kit, clean guitar tones,  and soulful airy vocals. This time I really pushed myself to create a more dynamic soundscape that listeners could get lost in.

This production style was inspired by Still Woozy and Nick Hakim where there is all this movement and ear candy throughout the song. I got myself a Splice membership and went all in on trying to find sounds rather than create all of them from scratch. So I guess sometimes it’s true that it’s better not to waste time re-inventing the wheel. It felt great to utilize that sort of resource and pour that saved energy into piecing together the song I had in my head.”

James gained national attention when he was featured on Season 19 of The Voice specifically for his soaring and bold cover of Harry Style‘s ‘Watermelon Sugar’. Although he considers it his big break he feels like his career is just getting started. “I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to show my artistry and it would get lost in commercialism, but I was really able to do whatever I wanted musically. And beyond that, it was amazing to meet so many other artists who I now call friends. All that artistic energy really gave me fresh motivation to pursue new collaboration and write fresh music when the show ended.” 

THE VOICE — Knockout Rounds — Pictured: James Pyle — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)