Release Announcement
February 13, 2023

TRAIN CONDUCTOR – “Light(underwater volcano)”

Wind sweeps through the grassy fields in far-out New Mexico. Cacti stand tall against the night sky, yearning for heaven’s tears. And in a solar-powered shack just West of nowhere, Train Conductor are making their next masterpiece. 

Though Train Conductor has largely been the solo output of Albuquerque’s Will Byrne, the outfit’s newest record, Geodesic, is the result of intentional collaboration. Byrne’s musical life is governed by one rule: there are no rules. Calling friends and collaborators to join him for a new record, the group convenes in a humble desert dwelling to perform these songs live in a desert field.

Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Marc Whitmore guides the group through Byrne’s idiosyncratic songs. The group agrees to capture performances live outside the studio, giving a human feel to the songs. Drummer Eric Lisuasky keeps time, with Whitmore hopping behind the kit from time to time in the spirit of collaboration. Austin Morrell rounds out the rhythm section on bass. Nolan Seidler provides lead guitar, and Michael Gibson plays keyboards. Byrne shares vocal duties with Cati Ortiz and Rayna Torres. The desert wind stops by to add some ambiance to several tracks. 

Together, these folks make a sprawling record. Geodesic is like the horizon; we’ve all seen it and yet it speaks to us differently. The three singles, “Life im livin”, “Light(underwater volcano)” and “Lose Myself,” are wildly different songs, yet they both contain this sense of longing. Byrne has an ability to write songs that represent our humanity in all of its imperfect splendor. Geodesic is a mirror, reflecting the big sky and mountains of the American West. And if you listen closely enough, you just might hear yourself in these songs.

‘Light (underwater volcano)’ is a romantic heartbreaker of a song.

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