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The Rock ‘n’ Roll Doesn’t Stop After Today: “Kick Out Tomorrow” with The Redlines

by wpengine

“…as long as there are people willing to listen, there is rock ‘n’ roll needing to be played.”

Hot off the heels of 2022’s “Kick Out Today,” The Redlines decided to keep the rock coming into the future with their follow-up EP for 2023: “Kick Out Tomorrow”. The four-piece rock outfit from just north of Pittsburgh, PA is keeping their roots firmly in the classic and heartland styles of rock while adding their own flares of pop and garage rock. You’ll hear them roar to life with anthemic rhythms, blazing leads, and heart-felt harmonies across the 5-track record of original music, save for one daring cover of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”. 

Originally consisting of head honcho Brian Seese (vocals, guitar), Jason Lizzi (guitar, vocals), Tony Vinski (bass), and Sandro Campagna (drums), the tenured team of over a decade has been lighting up the stages both local and regional. From appearances at multiple summer festivals to live performances on the radio (including Pittsburgh’s most popular rock station, WDVE), The Redlines aren’t slowing down any time soon, even with the newest addition of Sam Bergman to fill Sandro’s shoes. Before the line-up shifted permanently, they challenged themselves to get back into the studio to finish what they started on the previous EP. “We only had a month to get these songs figured out and that includes finishing one just two days before we recorded it.  Sometimes your best results come from extra pressure.Throw in some more backing vocals/harmonies from Kari Rutushin and piano/organ from both Eddie Ashworth and Jeremy Schaffer and you’ve got yourself a rock album.

Things start hot right out of the gate with “Black Wheels”, highlighted with those awesome harmonies and a rippin’ guitar solo to take us back in time. A little nod to some Bryan Adams kicks off the following number, “Drown in Gin”, an activity many of us can surely relate to. Tony and Sandro in the rhythm section really hold everything together here, keeping it all moving along and flowing nicely, like a great glass of gin. They continue to hold it down for the group with probably my personal favorite, “Take What You Can Get,” sure to get party-goers up and boogyin’ during the summer months. Definitely a great throwback to 70s glammy garage rock. Things come to a close with “A Good Haircut and a Great Pair of Boots”, two things that Brian posits will make us all feel better. Can’t argue with that!

If you find yourself anywhere in the greater Appalachian area this summer, chances are you’ll see The Redlines on a marquee somewhere. Given their hard work and dedication over the last 10+ years to entertaining the masses during these sultry months, I’m sure they put on a show you won’t regret seeing if the opportunity arises. “Kick Out Tomorrow” serves as the proper bookend to last year’s “Kick Out Today” and proves to us that as long as there are people willing to listen, there is rock ‘n’ roll needing to be played.

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