December 3, 2021

13 Necklace – “On and Off” | Album Review

I have a decompression routine for those extra long, extra cold work nights, and it usually involves mint tea, ambient rain sounds, and cueing up a calm-down album–sometimes jazz or trip hop, but usually some sufficiently moody indie rock. So I appreciate that on “Shut” by 13 Necklace, Danny Evans sets the mood for me. The last track from the New York City artist’s frosty, autumnal record On and Off checks all my boxes, opening with the patter of raindrops and thick acoustic guitar plucking before the drum machine comes washing in. Remember in the old days when you’d buy an off-brand MP3 player and it’d come pre-loaded with a few songs? This album should come as a pack-in bonus with beanies that are also headphones (you know, on an included SD card or something–the mechanics of this aren’t important).

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