February 17, 2022

Album Premiere: Ethan Larsh – ‘The Emperor’

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania’s Ethan Larsh has released his second album, The Emperor, and you can check it out right here on New Noise.

The album combines a number of classic and contemporary influences—some parts Lennon/McCartney, others Wilco and White Stripes, even with some Flaming Lips elements thrown in the mix—combining these components and making them all his own. His band includes drummer Tim Weller and bass player Sam Silbert.

The new LP was inspired after Larsh listened to Wilco’s Summerteeth on repeat, as it was the only CD in his car during a two-week tour. He aimed to write something as powerful as “A Shot in the Arm” and began crafting his own bunch of grandiose rock tunes.

In 2017, Larsh previously released Ethan Lars

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