June 29, 2022

ALBUM PREMIERE: Matt DeMello Takes Genre-Crossing Approach on ‘Confetti in a Coalmine’

Pop meets present-day chaos in Matt DeMello’s experimental new LP: Confetti in a Coalmine. The self-described “multi-instrumentalist bricolage audio producer, sound artist, composer, and songwriter who was exiled from the prog and math rock scenes of Providence, Rhode Island just after the Great Recession” brings us something new and unexpected. A demented carousel of musical genres and stylings that’s perfectly at home in a world of ongoing pandemic and ferocious, brainless scrolling. Confetti in a Coalmine represents the culmination of DeMello’s work with his pre-pandemic touring band, The Significant Looks, and various laptop-based experiments that turned into songs over the course of playing streaming shows in quarantine. Between the emojis in the song titles and the blistering satire, there’s a lot to unpack here so let’s dive in.

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