November 9, 2022

Art Pop Artist KNOTTS Talks Colorful New Video Single ‘Good Morning’, Opening For Thundercat, & More

Cincinnati’s KNOTTS is an experimenter of off-the-beaten-path indie music, shining a light on the dream-pop artists that inspire her music. The artist’s lively and colorful sound is most recently displayed in their new video single, “Good Morning.”

The bubbly love-filled track could be considered a single that almost never was. The inspiration came when lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Adalia Powell-Boehne was waitressing at an Indian Restaurant years ago when she scribbled a lyric on a napkin, and held it in limbo. Almost eight years later, she was ready to build those lyric fragments into a fully-produced KNOTTS original song, the result being a catchy retro pop bop.

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