February 4, 2021

Australian Producer Howevever “There’s Something Down There In The Water”

From a young age, Isaac Lee was always drawn to making music. At the age of 11, he was introduced to the early work of Deaumau5 by a classmate and was instantly intrigued by the music and its process. Throughout the following years, he would find ways to soak in as much information about music production and electronic music, eventually putting his learned material to practice. Lee shares,“My sister had one of the old white Macbooks, so I’d pay her by the hour (with the money I made from my paper run) to let me use it to play around with Garageband, and it all kind of snowballed from there”. While his skills and taste has evolved (and his equipment), the initial inspiration and curiousity for making music still rings through in his music. “I don’t really listen to Deadmau5 at all anymore, but what initially drew me to his music is still what keeps me interested in electronic music today: the concept of creating a sound from scratch. Taking a basic musical idea, and adding this extra dimension to it”.

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