January 21, 2022

Emily Blue’s 1980s Inspired Dreamworld in “The Afterlove”

Emily Blue pictures their latest release, “The Afterlove”, as a dream world where we interact with our loved ones after we’ve lost them. Their romantic lyricism paired with the 1980s inspired production creates an unordinary world filled with a warm, comforting sound. With previously released singles such as “7 Minutes”, “See U In My Dreams” and “The Afterlove” – Emily Blue’s project joins these well-loved records with the rest of the story of love and loss. With songs “Me Without U” and “Floating” sparkling with the iconic sound of the 1980s – “The Afterlove” and “When Your Candle Goes Out” produced with heavy, emotional themes yet so beautiful you’ll never want to turn them off; Emily Blue’s “The Afterlove” is the truthful yet refreshing start we need for 2022. The 9-track album flushed with lush synth textures introduces Blue’s engagement with a modern-pop style of production as well as their introduction to co-producing with other collaborators like Joseph Meland, Augustine Rompella, and LA’s Shubu. Creation of “The Afterlove” started alongside a close friend and producer, Max Perenchio, and was finished after his passing – the album carries Blue through real experiences of love and loss.

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