January 13, 2022

First Look: C. Young – Santiago Came Home

C. Young has a new video single out now called, “Santiago Came Home.” This track is as much a formal declaration as it is a welcome reminder that the rapper is still here and still talented as ever. In “Santiago Came Home,” C. Young tactfully samples Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” and the combination is fitting: this track is fire. C. Young (Chris Young) shocks with his ability to turn a phrase. He is a veritable dictionary, incredibly managing to rhyme at least three words with orange (foreign, boring, stormin’, possibly even mornin’…lost count there). His rhymes include the classic boasts and brags we look for in hip-hop, but C. Young is obviously self-aware and introspective /Who am I?/Just another rapper/Sayin’ I be like no other rapper/ I will battle Marshall Mathers/I will platinum, I will diamond/. All this lyrical excellence is over the song’s funky trap beats and electronic backdrops.

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