October 20, 2023

First Look: CAT DADDY *onthebass – Catboy Summer + Q&A

CAT DADDY *onthebass has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Catboy Summer’. To be “on the one” refers to the rhythmic structure almost integral to funk music credited to James Brown back in the mid-60s. It was a call for his band to hit on the first beat of a musical measure for emphasis, and there’d be hell to pay if they missed. You needed “the one” to bring the diverse instrumentation within a song together, an action with the equivalent reaction of bringing the audience together in a fervorous and righteous groove. In time, musicians have developed new ways to dance around the one for a different kind of emphasis, but most true funkateers still trace their roots back to “the one.” You can certainly count on CAT DADDY *onthebass to bring us all in “on the one” on his debut EP, “Catboy Summer” and the accompanying music video, available now.

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