March 11, 2022

Interview: Bedroom Pop Songwriter Ciarra Fragale Talks New Single ‘Lose My Cool’, Composing Film Scores, & More

Indie singer-songwriter Ciarra Fragale is a great example of an artist with a wide range of experiences, talents and influences. Making indie pop music in her home studio, Fragale harnesses inspiration from forms of music that have paved the way like Motown, and mixes it with more modern sounds, indie themes, and instrumentals.

Based out of Western Massachusetts, Fragale has musical backgrounds in composition for film and theater that help bolster her songwriting. She has released multiple full-length albums and singles, and has toured both solo and with a full band. The albums released by Fragale are Seasons (2017), Call It What You Will (2019), and her self-titled album, which was released last year.

“Lose My Cool” is Fragale’s latest single, and was released in early February. Along with the song release, a music video to go with “Lose My Cool” also dropped on YouTube. She says of the song that it is “one that has provided comfort and a good reminder to feel one’s feelings.”

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