December 9, 2021


Punk has always been the music of the hopeful. While it’s coated in anger and aggression, its devotees just want to make a better world. And that’s the central question of San Francisco band Goof‘s latest single, Rickey Spence. In a world system so inherently and obviously broken, how do we help? Rickey Spence and its accompanying video offer a challenge to an American audience. When thinking about the message of this song, front man Ahmed Amer Elsayed recalls, “People in America ironically like to say ‘silence is violence.’ Well America, I came back from the Middle East to scream at you and say ‘fuck you!’ You’ve been silent and extremely violent in more ways than one and it’s time to stop and instead help each other.” And Richard Spencer, a figurehead of the alt-right movement, is the target of Elsayed’s rage in this song. 

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