February 1, 2022

INTERVIEW: Mark Datter

Mark Datter has been constantly evolving his ever flourishing sound and takes strong influence from heavy metal and rock. With his debut EP ‘Annihilation’ however, you wouldn’t think this was the case upon the first listen. The Baltimore born songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has delved into the world of synthwave and the many directions you can go into within it, and the result is a hugely potent 5-track EP full of quirky surprises throughout.

‘The Equaliser’ is brilliantly written and structured and feels like a perfect introduction to the EP. ‘Annihilation’ feels more psychedelic and a bit more twisted, with wonky synthesisers throughout and an 80s inspired drum accompanying. It’s a well bodied and transcendent work of art from Datter, and we spoke to him all about the EP, it’s story and everything in between.

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