March 21, 2022

Interview: Neo-Soul & Jazz Songstress Taylor Kelly Talks New Album ‘All I Need’

If you love postmodern old soul, Philly songstress Taylor Kelly is sure to pull at your heartstrings and get your feet moving.

From Rochester, NY, to The City of Brotherly Love, Kelly prides herself on being a virtuosic vocalist, pianist, and trumpet player. The Berklee graduate has honed her craft and earned her performance chops over the years, making vibrant music that melds soul, jazz and funk.

This February, Kelly dropped her long-awaited 5-track EP, All I Need. “Maybe”, the first single off of Kelly’s EP, is an intimate and minimalistic departure from her previous work, which typically features an 8-piece band. Her radiant voice is the most prominent “instrument” in this track and throughout the entirety of the album, providing both the melodic focal point of the track as well as lush, layered harmonies.

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