November 2, 2023

John Bellows | Interview | New Album, ‘Certain Demise’

There is often a certain romanticism tied to leaving your current situation behind and returning to simpler times, a wistful – and often, temporary – yearning for what you enjoyed the most out of your upbringing before “adulting” happened and the world around you became so complicated. Of course, the real truth to those dreams reveals itself if you are so lucky enough to be able to go back to those simpler times, as the hard work of those before you reveals the comfort you initially had. What is most impressive is being able to go back and move forward at the same time by embracing the original labor and making it your own – paving a new path by retreading an old one. John Bellows may not be in his hometown anymore, but he has donned his old work boots and picked up where he left off so long ago by finding a new home in rural Washington state and embracing a rustic lifestyle with his partner, Glenn.

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