October 7, 2022

‘Live and Untethered’ by Stellar Regions | Album Premiere | Interview

Tim Mirth’s furious guitar prowess, Seth Boyle’s thick bass lines and Tony’s deep drum pocket answer the question, what happens if we let rock born jazz musicians attack the music with no restraints? ‘Live and Untethered’ highlights two years of Stellar Region’s jazz brewed genre bending live creations of originals and re-imagined standards. Musical surprises with nods to the masters accompany limitless improvised solos through funk infested waters and high energy grooves define this record. While the band’s tenure was unfortunately cut short, this record is produced for posterity. Members of Stellar Regions have not only represented NE Ohio bands throughout the years, but also have been found on tours around the USA and Europe. Some bands include Oregon Space Trail of Doom, Red Side Visible, and Night Terrors. Stellar Regions project may be over, but this recording is forever to keep the spirit of the band alive.

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