December 17, 2020

Lotus Kid Channel 80’s Pop Visuals To Compliment Punk Sound on “Beneath My Stride”

Pittsburgh pop-punk band Lotus Kid’s “Beneath My Stride” music video gives a fresh take on a rooftop performance complete with spur-of-the-moment synchronized dancing, and they’re premiering it exclusively via Alternative Press.

Taking inspiration from ’80s synth-pop visuals, the band teamed up with director Christian West to travel back in time. Accented by throwback neon shapes animated by vocalist Mikey O’Toole, the video may make the track seem like it’s all lighthearted, but the hook-filled anthem is anything but.

“‘Beneath My Stride’ is a revelation of leaving things behind that can hinder your potential,” O’Toole says. “It’s spiritually enlightening in the sense that if you let your demons die, you can dance on their graves. Inspiration for the lyrics can range from any negative behavior [such as] conquering addiction, breaking away from beliefs or a religion [or] distancing from toxic social scenarios.

”While Lotus Kid channeled several relatable topics for the track off their sophomore EP, ‘All.The.Things.You.Dread,’ O’Toole wanted listeners to connect with it in their own way.

“Personally, I was reflecting on my old tendencies of low self-confidence,” the singer explains. “However, I aimed to write this song as open-ended and universal to multiple topics, allowing the listener to interpret [it] freely.”

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