July 22, 2021

Mood Swings – “So Much For Celebrating”

We’re having a musical mood swing today, and it’s swinging right towards some brand new, delightful pop-punk. Mood Swings just released their latest single, “So Much For Celebrating,” last month, which acts as your introduction to the band’s debut self-titled album that is currently nearing completion.

Paying homage to the pop-punk titans of the past and present, the song has an early Paramore vibe to it, with lead singer Rylee Oswald channelling the influence that Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams has had on the entire genre over the last decade and a half. With its rather playful title and lyrics, “So Much For Celebrating” is very personal to Oswald, focusing on a previous toxic relationship of hers and how she had to overcome it.

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