September 7, 2021

NYC anti-folk punk rockers OUT OF SYSTEM TRANSFER make a positive difference with new album “Just Be Loud”

Described as “New York City’s gonzo anti-folk punk rock radical leftist hootenanny”, OUT OF SYSTEM TRANSFER combine elements of traditional folk protest music, New York anti-folk, and punk rock to create their high-energy, engaging, and thoughtful sound. Prior to Covid, they toured extensively throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe with plans to return to the road after if conditions allow, and today we’re honored to partner up with them to give you the first listen of their new album “Just Be Loud”, an adventurous and ridiculously fun offering that compiles the horror, helplessness, and despair of living in today’s America, but also the joy of resistance, the beauty of performance, and the need for caring communities. With influences ranging from anarcho punk, old-timey showtunes, bluegrass, Black Sabbath, and more, the sonic landscape of the album is just as dynamic as its subject matter. Listen to the full thing and scroll down to read our brief interview below

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