October 18, 2023

PREMIERE | Buckets, ‘Good Luck Bad Dog’

There is something incredibly special when a band codifies their own style and sound. Like observing our earth being formed from the chaotic cataclysm of the big bang into a cohesive and incredible ecosystem it is breathtaking to behold. From song sketches, demos, workshopped rough drafts, voice memos fleshed out into something larger and countless rehearsal sessions, the result of this degree of blood, sweat, tears, spilled beers and late nights lends to something that pop culture critics and casual writers attempt to wrangle into flowery and snarky prose alike. Those on the outside looking in are taken with awe, the envious bunch take scrupulous mental notes as the rest of us just vibe. We need something ecstatic to remind us why we are still alive. A sign that joy, truth and beauty can still exist even as so much of modern day existence is consumed in the clutches of calamity that exceeds the extents of our collective consciousness and imagination. And while it certainly seems that things are definitely not getting better, there are still unlimited reasons to get out of bed, get excited about life and everything wonderful that is still possible in our shared global village.

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