September 28, 2023

PREMIERE | Ista, “Do What Feels Right”

The elusive apparition of self-actualization is a strange specter that is in short supply. From rituals of the past to methodologies of the modern; all of these and so much more bring a promise of fulfillment to arrive in the moment or perhaps at a latter date. We are looking for a way to feel like ourselves, to emulate our best selves, to live and speak our proverbial truths and live our best lives. All of this is super fine and dandy for the social media fodder found across the interwebs, yet the practice and application of it in real life as something more than just superficially flexing for the algorithms of machine learned programing. It is a matter of knowing, a matter of being, a matter of claiming and cashing in on that sense of credibility in a manner that is genuine and sincere. Our existence is something more than simply the accumulation or evocation of a reductionist hashtag or a staged photo or video amid the backdrop of some exotic or luxurious locale. We are sentient, sentimental and sensitive people at our very core that instinctively on some latent level understand that life is too fleeting and temporal to deceive our better instincts and live some lie of projected false prosperity. If the fragility of our globe has taught us anything, it is to truly be our best selves…truthfully.

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