April 12, 2022

PREMIERE | Mountains Like Wax, ‘Before There Was Plenty’

The dusty, rugged and treacherous trails of the world shape and influence us all upon our respective journeys. The humble paths of which we stroll are not cakewalks. For everything that inspires us toward new echelons of enlightenment, there are countless traumatic events that affect loved ones and ourselves that reach the tiers of both the conscious and unconscious sectors of the human psyche. In the current day and age of 2022 we have gotten better at discussing the things have hurt us and how we can better deal with them. More than just viral memes and buzzwords from the cults of wellness gurus and suspect influencers; the path of healing is one that takes work, time and lots of communication with ourselves, partners, family, friends, therapists and often everyone in between. From this we find ways to see a better reality (even though nothing is truly perfect). From here we can have healthier bonds (even though there are always challenges in establishing these interdependent relationships). From here we can move forward from the past, transforming the hurt and grief into something that perhaps makes us stronger and lean toward a level of loving like we have never loved before (wholeheartedly).

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