October 18, 2023

PREMIERE | Odd Dates, “Loopydoop”/”Operate”

There is wisdom to be gained when we take a step back from the hubbub and tumult of everyday life. By breaking the routine chain of running in the menial hamster wheel called life we can discover a certain spark of ingenuity. Something dormant perhaps from within, something that might have been there for a while, something that might have been there since our very inception to perhaps a learned epiphany that remained in our latent consciousness before we took a moment to consider something outside of our rigid daily regiments. Much of life is spent in the service of others, appeasing our elders, bowing before the status quo, and staying in line. When there is even the slightest deviation from our regularly scheduled life; something truly special can be gleaned from these momentous sabbaticals. In a world where lifetimes are dedicated to the mindless servitude to omnipotent and all but anonymous entities to earn a subpar living wage one of the most radical acts one can make is to set aside time for a moment of mindful meditation.

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