July 7, 2023


Life itself is composed of many leaps of faith. For every decision we make, big or small, we stand at the precipice edge of the springboard hoping for the best as we swan dive or belly flop into the deep blue of the unknown. Immersed into the depths of new bodies of water, we discover new experiences, new life, new realizations, reflections that reveal new things about ourselves and others as we tread new waters. Prismatic beams of light from the terrain of our familiar breaks in abstracts that highlights the deep end ground of the oceanic floor, providing a solar lamp to guide the way until the subterranean corridors of underwater tributaries reach the points beyond the auspices of the sun’s shining glare. It is here where you find the self, where meaning and the dawn of epiphanies emerge within the submerged and uncharted kingdoms that are not found on any map.

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