April 23, 2021

PREMIERE: Social Media Release New Single “Protector”

Centered around a gorgeous acoustic guitar progression and a calming vocal, “Protector” is one of those songs for a lazy Saturday afternoon in August. It’s near impossible to not feel a sense of peace while listening to the song. It’s just so pretty. While the basics of the song might be simple, layers of production send the track swirling to new heights. A steady beat from a drum machine keeps the song propelling forward, while synth pads surround the acoustic guitar providing atmosphere. Background vocals drenched in reverb peek out of the quiet mix, adding a conversational, intimate air to the song. Likewise, bits of piano keep the song busy and vibrant. The song is almost staring out into a meadow. If you take in the whole thing, it’s gorgeous. But, if you start to notice tiny details one by one, the whole scene becomes that much more beautiful.

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