November 5, 2021

Psychedelic Pop-Rockers The Go Rounds Discuss New Single ‘Redbreast’, Kalamazoo Cuisine, & More

Seamlessly blending distinct genres of smooth ambiance, jazz, pop-rock, R&B, and funk, all with an effervescent overlay, is the latest single, “Redbreast,” from The Go Rounds.

Comprised of Graham Parsons (vocals), Mike Savina (guitar), Adam Danis (drums), and Drew Tyner (bass), the Michigan-based four-piece has historically released music at a rapid pace while simultaneously expanding their own sonic boundaries. “As musicians, we haven’t settled. We haven’t settled on the sounds that we’re making,” Parsons says. “We are always trying to rethink our rigs, and to push the palette even further and create sounds that we want to hear that we haven’t heard yet.”

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