April 30, 2021

Stream Hey Ily’s Lo-Fi Chiptune Screamo Pop EP “Internet Breath”

Billings, Montana’s Hey, ily released their debut EP (/ _ ; ) back in February and followed it today with Internet Breath (via Lonely Ghost Records). A tweet from Stereogum said “Hey, Ily’s wild new ‘Internet Breath’ EP is the Nintendocore x emo x powerpop x shoegaze hybrid you didn’t know you needed,” and that extremely accurate sell caused me to click play and I encourage you to do the same if you haven’t already. It pulls influence from all over the place — chiptune, screamo, Midwest emo, noise pop, hyperpop, Myspace-era scenecore, and tons of other stuff — and it combines it in a way that feels entirely 2021.

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