February 12, 2021

Track Spotlight: The Fey – Wolf of the Wild

Lyrically, Watkins describes The Fey message as the voice of the underdogs, like “a stray wolf drifted away from the pack, embracing his own path through peaks and valleys.” Though the sensible ebb and flow of Zach’s personal life may set the band’s lyrical tone, The Fey is no underdog to a live performance. Rooted from numerous awards and achievements – six regionally recognized tours, including more than ten unofficial showcases at SXSW, as well as various performances for blog, radio, and television – The Fey has a reputation for rocking the stage. Frequently recognized for their musicianship and overall tightness as a unit, the band’s honest energy and down-to-earth stage presence welcomes crowds of all kinds.

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