January 7, 2020

Twin Limb’s ‘In the Warm Light, As a Ghost’ Is a Shimmering Slice of Modern Dream Pop

The sound is like a narcotic. “See You in the Warm Light”, the opening track from dream-pop trio Twin Limb’s latest album, In the Warm Light, As a Ghost, unfolds lazily, with a lush tempo that brings to mind The Sundays with the tempo dialed down to shoegaze BPMs. However, what sets the Louisville-based band apart from other acts that mine the indie spirit of the past is texture. The deceptively small cast of characters – Maryliz Bender on drums and vocals, Lacey Guthrie on accordion and vocals, Kevin Ratterman on guitar and effects – make the most of the trio format by layering the sounds to create an arresting density.

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