April 5, 2021

Video Premiere – Bobby Blue Warns Us of the Dangers of Technology on “Go”

There’s a nostalgia to the sounds of Blue’s work. Like the Postal Service or the post-Soft Bulletin era of the Flaming Lips, Blue crafts a sonic palette that is cold and electronic while still remaining catchy and inviting. The song’s guiding light is Blue’s near-angelic voice. Crafting a melody that dances between the synth-pads and bit-crushed drum sounds, Blue imbues “Go” with a sense of dread. The song sounds as if it was once a pop song that has been stretched thin. In the chorus, Blue sings “You’ve got to go live your life / if you stay here, your dreams will die.” The country guitar solo cuts through the largely electronic mix, and really takes the song to new heights.

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