February 3, 2022

Video Premiere: Brother Hill “Mother of Our Nature”

We are delighted to premiere the utterly absorbing ‘Mother of Our Nature’ by Brother Hill. Musically and lyrically, this ethereal song is steeped in atmosphere and magic. It flows, growing and evolving through six epic minutes, viola, banjo and guitar all layered over the deep pulse of the upright bass. The warm, sonorous voice of Brother Hill, lifted by gorgeous backing vocals, transports into the tale that unfolds. The senses are all heightened by the unbroken sonic tension and a feeling of unsettling mystery as the words slowly let us into a timeless, enchanted world populated by such mythical figures as Lady Death and Mother Nature herself: “But don’t you threaten to take away my dear Mary // not when she’s the burning light, the firelight in my // every cold winter’s night she’s the earth in my bones, // she’s the mother of every stone, // she’s the mother of your very nature…Oh Mary reveal yourself // through the mirror // or some way else // show me the way // could you lead me back from the grave?” The song is all the more powerful for its carefully selected language, patience and the way the characters and sounds slowly reveal themselves. The audio was released on 1st February, the ancient Celtic holiday of Imbolc, marking the beginning of Spring, and also St Brigid’s Feast Day. ‘Mother of Our Nature’ is tied into these ancient rituals and festivals as Brother Hill explores the theme of searching for new life and hope, hindered by doubt, despair and death.

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