May 6, 2021

Video Premiere: LJ & The Sleeze – ‘Night Time Lover’

The latest single for LJ & The Sleeze, “Night Time Lover,” is a whiskey-driven, full-tilt, dingy dive-bar elegy for anyone who is looking to get lucky.

In all of its irony and humor, LJ & The Sleeze unapologetically lay out the reality of how a one-night stand can lead into something more—albeit not quite a commitment that universal expectation nor convention would lead you to believe.

There is no need for overcomplication with the subject matter, instrumentation, or arrangement for this tune as raw picked bass that’s ever-so-sharp, dry, raunchy, overdriven guitars, pumping, garage-esque drums, and direct distorted lofi vocals all beckon you into an unfamiliar soundscape that could only be the product of willful indifference, reckless desire, and blunt intention.

Whether LJ & The Sleeze are onto something wistfully fresh with the direction of their sound or simply looking to please and move on to the next consenting party, “Night Time Lover” is bound to show you a good time. It should also be noted the music video for the song is a quintessential sliver into the world of Gottesman, and is worth a watch.

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