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14 Otherworldly tracks that influenced Thrones, Chives’ imaginative LP

by Dean Tartaglia

The visceral immediacy of this Indianapolis outfit’s weirdo freakout rock stylings makes their recent album a real trip. Ryan, Chives’ lead singer and guitarist, shares with us the bands’ biggest eclectic influences on the record.

Last year, during a Spotify deep-dive one afternoon, we at Little Star had the pleasure to stumble upon Chives. We’d been scouring the depths of the ever-expanding internet to find something, anything new that really got us going — and man, did we ever.

Chives hits you with something between the weirdo freakout stylings of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and the visceral immediacy of ‘00s post-punk (maybe The Rapture, Q Without The U —you decide!).

Since our discovery, we’ve gotten to know Ryan,the band’s lead singer and guitarist, really well over the course of their album release.

Ryan is… enigmatic. A visionary, possibly a genius, and also one of the most polite dudes out there in the great state of Indiana. (They should probably be signed to Joyful Noise by now, but we’ll see. *Hint.*)

Which is why it was yet another pleasure for us to ask him and the band to put together some of their biggest influences on their sprawling and life-changing LP, Thrones.

So check out what Chive’s was digging during the making of their album below, but also take an hour to sit down with this record and dig in. We promise it’s worth your time.

From here on down, Ryan from Chives is at the helm. Enjoy!

1. Snakefinger – “Don’t Lie”

Nobody plays guitar like Snakefinger, when this stuff first touched my ears I had no idea it was even a guitar I was hearing. This record is a trip, Manual of Errors is a great album too. Backwards and forward I strive to contort the band & the music like Snakefinger.

2. Khun Narin – “Chackim”

Soaring guitar, driving evolving and revolving, Thailand’s Khun Narin is the actual musical voltron. 8+ members circle a loaded pushcart towering over with speaker cabs and horns, pounding drums, crashing cymbals and painting the time with a guitar/bass duo, these guys will take you on a journey through your mind.

3. Onyx – “Here ‘N Now”

The lock bursts off the door. This cold edge energy, dark & twisted bass oscillation. Light this mother up, Chives is here.

4. Soft Machine – “Why Are We Sleeping?”

Right in the midst of Canterbury chaos, these dudes piece & glue it all back together. Mad jazz pop nugs, the further you dive in their discography the more they become a fully realized psych (free?) jazz band. They are soft machine!

5. Fela Kuti – “Go Slow”

Speaking of Journeys through your mind, “Go Slow” and take some time out for Fela. Every dynamic of this group Fela’s got the pedal to the floor with one goal in mind, move your ass!

6. Wu Tang Clan – “Conditioner”

From the master builder, keep that sword sharp and your mind strong. Never show your weakness, that Throne is yours and if you aren’t going to look after it someone else is always ready to kill. On guard.

7. Grand Funk Railroad – “Please Don’t Worry”

Talk about perfect analog production. Talk about a rock n roll trio at peak musical confidence and form. On fire in every sense of the word, Grand Funk never ceased to light up a crowd. “I saw a highschool friend just the other day, he didn’t ask how I’ve been he asked how’s my pay. Now do you call this a friendship?” Writing about conscious experiences. Verse ends and Farner’s guitar lead ignites the storm, kicks in the door straight to your mind. He plays the guitar like a saxophone, an extension of the man. Grand Funk!

Check out Chives’ live session performance of “Nerfertiti.”

8. Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Infinity Askrestra – “Dance of the Living Image”

Lock into the groove, paint your world, color the time. This was the first Sun Ra record to reel me in. Younger me was running scared! Like Joe Meeks’ I hear a new world or Mort Garson’s Plantasia, these demented swings represent music production at the most independent level. Running rehearsal like a military regime, the practice house was a sanctuary for souls to gather and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and our history. The music a method of communication to angels and ancestors of higher realms. This stuff is church man.

9. Selda Bagcan – “Mehmet Emmi”

The shuffling rhythms and flickering guitar all round out with a “Pentagram” like turnaround. Be forewarned this Turkish guitar slinging witch crafts the wickedest psycho angled gun toting tunes.

10. Pink Floyd – “Corporal Clegg”

Sound the alarms, this is almost a “Gong” track. Ear bleeding guitar chords siren in the attack dropping bombs all over this track. A moment of serene bliss shines in before a psycho circus “Satanic Majesties” outro. This is peak Pink Floyd.

11. Fugees – “Some Seek Stardom”

These guys started a hit factory in their basement and made real sonic gold, some of music’s most classic tracks independently, by worshipping the music and creating something beautiful for themselves. Go get your Throne.

12. Abeti – “Wondugo Wampenzi”

Think Woodstock in Africa, except the only documentation that survived was of the white performers. Typical. However, this album (Zaire 74: The African Artists) showcases all of the black performers that were originally erased from history, through bootlegs that have surfaced! Mind entrancing rhythms and intervals, hypnotizing vocals, and soaring Molam like guitar.

13. Harry Nilsson – “POV Waltz”

Stuck on an island, choose one album to bring with you. Harry Nilsson’s “The Point.” The changing lyrical perspectives, layering like a cake there must be 10 Harry’s on this track. “The Point” is beautiful and I strive to make a collection of songs as good as this. Harry’s writing and incredible vocal talent are a refreshing change of pace, “Deep down in my soul you know I hate rock n roll and I don’t like the way that them drummers beat on them drums.

They always hum along out of tune.

But I can see Valentino and me when I hear a tango.” Mix it up, shake the style!

14. Them – “Lessons of the Sea”

More than just Gloria!! Huge tide breaking grooves and spaced out bass intervals, the searing hot “band of gypsys”-esque guitar keeps this joint alive. Can imagine Jimi ripping this tune. Front to back “In Reality” is a charismatic and tightly themed album, creating that “Incense and Peppermints,” “The Point,” “The Score,” theme heavy experience.

Enjoy the tunes & thanks for having us.

Ryan / Destin / Trace

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