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LSPR Zoom Interview: Cutler Station

by Dean Tartaglia

You could say Cutler Station are historians, documenting the death of Appalachia as the world quickly hurtles toward modernity… but at the very least they are just fun people.

One of our favorite discoveries last year was Southern Ohio’s Cutler Station, a fusion of roots rock, mid-era Flaming Lips dream pop, and early 80’s new wave ala Devo or XTC. All throughout 2020 we’ve been working hard to get their newest album “Meat; No Sides” out into the world, and the response has exceeded our expectations, and warranted some high praise from the likes of UPROXX and American Songwriter.

“Meat; No Sides” is an incredibly concise, very specific and character oriented record, a throwback to their childhoods, their hometowns, and their lives thus far without feeling too vintage or certainly not vague. The production (self-produced, mind you) stands out, every instrument choice is deliberate and memorable, whether it’s a slide guitar laid over top or a synth part that sticks in your head long after listening (I’ve been humming the synth line to “Boredom Love and Pain” ever since I first heard it). You could say the stories of Y2K prepping memories and wasting your time on the weekend behind the local Autozone are deep and profound, historical documents of the death of Appalachia as the world quickly hurtling towards modernity, and maybe they are… but at the very least this music is just fun. It’s unique and light, and undeniable great.

We sat down with them over Zoom last month on the release day of their album to discuss all things Cutler Station: their world, their process, band practices, spreadsheets, family life, our strange society, and all things that make them tick. The CS dudes are very excitable and were a blast to chat with. This was a real treat — dig in and enjoy!

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